About Ashley

I’m based out of British Columbia, Canada, on the west coast near Vancouver. I’ve spent the last 10 years building amazing connections with business owners all over the world. I’ve heard their stories, shared some of their struggles, and been a part of their growth. I love what I do, and I’m excited to work with you.

Since 2012

Overview of experience
When everyone thought the world would end, some of us faced a new beginning. What started as a way to market my book series, Immortal Zero, quickly grew into a profession.

As a UX designer, I’ve managed teams of up to 10 people including third-party contractors and mobile employees. Troubleshooting scope creep, keeping projects in budget, and getting things done on time are a few of the top responsibilities I’ve had to manage.

I’ve worked with companies like BitTorrent, Adidas, and Rescue Canada. I’ve designed a dating app similar to Tinder, and been the lead designer of countless other projects.


Amazing individuals I work with to bring value to business owners across Canada and the US.

Pia Larson

Chief Imagination Officer & Founder at Fingerprint Marketing


Fiona Qualls

Founder & Chief Strategist at QGroup Web


Andrew Muller

Founder & PPC Guru of Andrew Muller Creative


Eric Ferris

Managing Partner & Creative Director at One Yellow Tree


Glenn Brubaker

Managing Partner at One Yellow Tree


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